What does myHarvest Farms do?

We started myHarvest farms to make safe, naturally grown food possible for all & improve farmer livelihoods. Currently myHarvest Farms is a farm-to-home community platform that grows & delivers chemical-free organic vegetables, fruits, groceries , sweets and snacks. Trusted by more than 3000 families, together we have positively impacted over 120 farmers..
myHarvest transforms the way food reaches your plate & makes you live healthier. We dont change what you eat. We change how food is grown & make it safe, chemical-free and more nutritious. Ofcourse, tasty too !

What are the products you offer?

-All our farmers naturally grow greens, vegetables, fruits and some medicinal plants too. Once harvested, we deliver them fresh to your home.
-Also we have Naatukozhi hens at some of our farms and that’s how we are able to get you fresh eggs. These birds are free range and live a healthy, nature-friendly life. No cages or no antibiotics used.
-Over time, we realized families needed a trusted source to make their kitchen chemical-free. We now have A2 Ghee, Honey, cold pressed oils, traditional rice, millets, pulses and a lot more groceries. We also have value added products like health mix, paniyaram mix and amla tea.
-Introducing kids to healthy food in a tastier way was fun. We therefore have yummy snacks & sweets made using millets, traditional rice and natural sweeteners. No Maida, No white sugar, preservatives or colors used.

Why should you choose myHarvest Farms?

If you seriously care for your health or planet Earth, supporting myHarvest is one easiest & best way to eat healthy & positively protect our environment. Your Food choices have more power !! At myHarvest, We believe in trust and transparency and strive towards getting better at it. Our team strives to provide 100% transparency regarding our products and we value the trust that families have on us as the most important quality. Our core principles are - Unavu, Uzhavu, Uravu & Unarvu. If you can feel this, that's more satisfying for us. What drives us is not the money we make but the number of farmers we impact and the joy of seeing life in a tiny seed nurturing to become life saving food.

How do farmers benefit when I join myHarvest Farms?

When you join myHarvest Farms, you actually add positivity to farmers' lives & encourage more farmers to go Organic. In fact we were deeply moved when some of our farmers told us that they are able to sleep better without itching only after they switched to natural farming methods. Best part is you get to buy/enjoy fresh produce directly from farmers. Moreover Our Farmers get to reach the right consumers who value chemical-free food & care for the environment as well. We ensure that all farmers get a fair price for their tireless work. Hence when you choose myHarvest, you are helping farmers earn a stable income & live a better, happier life. We hope to improve farmer livelihoods & help the rural economy flourish . By supporting myHarvest, you join a community that creates more young farmers, revives the farming sector & encourages farmers to continue eco-friendly farming practices.

What's special about you compared to other organic stores?

We hate comparisons. But because you are keen, here's our take.
- Compared to organic shops, we source food sustainably from our farmers & bring you fresh, local, nutritious produce without any compromise.
- In most organic shops, when you walk in you have limited choices for fruits & Vegetables and shoppers pick only the best and leave behind inferior quality for other walkin customers. We have no partiality !!
- We grade, pack and home deliver only what passes through our quality standards. You will surely get fresh produce in different size, shapes and we don't care about cosmetics (look & shine) of a vegetable. Like you, we care about how food is grown & if it's chemical-free.
Thankfully over 2000 families at myHarvest understand and appreciate the work we do. You will feel & understand more when you experience freshness & real taste of naturally grown food.

How can I buy myHarvest products or join your community?

-It's so simple. Pickup Your phone. Save 8220043502 as myHarvest Farms & send us a whatsapp message. We love speaking to you and get started. So feel free to call us on 8220043502/9176944544.
-On our “Shop Now” page, you will find a range of our products. Go ahead & order what you need online.
-Sign up on our website www.myharvestfarms.com to start your healthy living journey with us. We will guide you.
-More interesting ways to follow or connect with us on Facebook & Instagram as @myharvestfarms . Stay Updated !

Do you have a store in Chennai?

We’re an online platform. We are a collective of farmers growing for a group of families in cities. Strictly no middle men. We do not have any physical stores as of now !! Watch out for more updates. We are 100% digital as of now & enabling more farmers to harness the power of the internet for a safe farm-to-home experience.

I love gardening. Do you sell seeds or help us set up a garden ?

We really appreciate your interest in growing your own food. We also started with a small terrace garden and later ventured into farming. Selling Seeds is not what we do. But because we are passionate about this topic, we can guide you in your gardening journey & share contacts of sellers for seeds. At times, we do surprise you with seeds while delivering your weekly orders. Did we confuse you enough ? Sorry dear friend. Here is the perfect answer. We encourage home gardeners by sharing our knowledge of home gardening and can guide you. But we don't sell seeds & don't offer gardening setup services.

I own farmlands. Can myHarvest take it up and do farming ?

We work closely with farmers. If you are actively farming following natural practices, we can get started in quick time. If you have a land and need help in setting up or managing it, we need to talk more about future plans. We currently don't manage new farms or offer farm development consulting. But sure we are open to sharing what we know from our farming experience.

Where are your farm(er)s located ?

Our founders Stalin & Archana started farming in Tiruvallur district. Later many farmers turned to natural farming in Tiruvallur district & Tindivanam. We also have partner farmers in Dindigul, Madurai, Nilgiris and few other districts of Tamilnadu & Karnataka. We travel extensively to meet farmers who are committed to producing safe, healthy, chemical-free food. In the last 3 years, we have been able to impact over 120 farmers & look forward to working with 1000 farmers sooner.
To know more about our Farmers, Click here

Can you help us understand how you do natural farming ?

Firstly If you are wondering whether natural farming & organic farming are the same or different. You are not alone. The truth according to us is - Often both words “Natural” and “Organic” are interchangeably used.
At myHarvest, we believe & follow natural farming involving multicropping, usage of green manure, compost, crop rotation and intercropping techniques to enhance soil fertility. For pest control, we prepare farm-made concoctions using neem, garlic, chillies, plant or herb extracts, cow dung, cow urine and other local resources, besides various traps. No chemicals or harmful pesticides used in the farm-to-home journey. We ensure quality and traceability of the produce from the production, packing to your home delivery. We value Sustainability & Food Safety in every step of what we do.

Do you grow everything at your own farms ?

At myHarvest farms, we have created a community of farmers who responsibly grow food for a group of families including yours. We don't do mass production. All produce dont come from our owned farms . On a lighter but serious note, we aint so rich to own so much land. That’s why when you buy from us, you support the livelihood of each farmer who we work with.
84% of Indian farmers are smallholder farmers (with 2 or 3 acres). Our myHarvest team enables them to make effective use of their farms, earn better and live better lives in harmony with nature. Also it makes more sense for us to have farmers across various regions . Different varieties of Vegetables and Fruits grow differently in different agro-climatic zones and taste best when grown locally and in season.

How is myHarvest impacting Farmers ?

At myHarvest, we have more young optimistic farmers in their late 20’s or 30’s. This is a positive fact according to us because the average age of an Indian Farmer is 50.1 years and there aren't many rural youngsters to take farming forward.
-We have clearly seen that farmers are able to revive farm land with improved soil health. More Earthworms can be seen at our farms now and that’s the best soil test to check if soil is fertile or not.
-Farmers get a fair price for all the hard work. A major portion of what you pay goes to the farmer directly and we make on-time digital payments.
-Farmers income has doubled compared to conventional farming. Previously they would just grow paddy and would have predictable income coming in regularly. Now our myHarvest Farmers have weekly income coming through vegetables or greens or eggs as they are harvested at least twice a week.
-Farmers feel happier. They sleep better and live in a safe, healthier farm environment as there are no harmful sprays used. At Least their medical expenses have come down.
-Even Farmer Families get to eat naturally grown food grown at their farms.

How do you make sure farmers don't use chemicals?

Thanks for asking. This is the core of what we do !!
Most of our myHarvest farmers have made a conscious decision to do organic farming and grow safe, nutritious food for their family and everyone. However we do have a reliable process to onboard farmers and work with them right from crop planning, sourcing seeds to land preparation, growing & harvesting of crops.
We have a dedicated team visiting farms, picking produce at farm gate and helping our farmers at all times. myHarvest aims to be a platform for farmers aspiring or doing natural farming and connect them to right conscious consumers like you.

Can we visit your farm? How often can I visit ?

Sure !! We want more people to visit farms, know where food comes from & who grows them & how.
Please keep us informed before you visit, so that our person is available there to guide you. You can visit as many times as you like. Come, Experience the joy of growing, getting your hands dirty and reconnect with nature over good food. For some of you, it will kindle nostalgia while for some, it will be an exciting journey to introduce kids to rural life & learn so much about our own plants & food. All our Farmers are amazing hosts and will sure make your visit worthwhile & memorable. Our only request is pls dont expect our farms to look like a tourist spot.
To visit our Farms, pls submit this form. Click here

Can we buy vegetables/fruits directly at your farm?

Currently our farmers don't sell at farm gate. They are large hearted and often encourage you to harvest guavas or fruits or vegetables and request you to take them home as gifts. At times, In such cases, depending upon the situation, you can pay a fair price or what the farmer asks for.
To make it clear, we don't sell regularly at our farms. All harvests are sent to our city office and we deliver them to your home directly.

If I’m not a regular customer, can I still visit the farm?

You need not be a regular customer to visit the farm. Everyone is welcomed there and it is a pleasure for us to connect you with farmers and safe food. Your purpose of visiting could be to learn, spend time at farm or volunteer for our farm activities.

Are your farms Organic certified ?

Some of our farmers are Organic certified and most of our Farmers do not have organic certification, but we make sure that they follow all the organic practices and do not use any chemicals whatsoever. We are working towards & hope to get our farms certified under PGS- Participatory Guarantee System (Decentralized Organic Farming Certification System)..

How to place an order ?

- Click the “Shop Now” button. View our range of products. Choose what you need & Submit. Go ahead & order what you need online.
-Not tech savvy ? We got you covered. Pickup Your phone. Save 8220043502/ 9176944544 as myHarvest Farms & send us a whatsapp message. We love speaking to you, clarify your doubts and can assist you to order via whatsapp.
-Follow @myharvestfarms on Facebook & Instagram. Click on Ordering link in bio or posts to order.

Is there any minimum order quantity for home delivery?

You can order what you need and we will happily deliver it to you. We provide free delivery if your order value is above Rs.500. We waive off delivery charges for families who order regularly. Else a small fee of Rs.50 is charged on orders below Rs.500.

Do you deliver across Chennai?

We love Chennai and its people. We currently deliver to most areas and cater to over 2000 families regularly. Chances are that we already have more families in your neighbourhood. You can view our list of delivery areas or click here

Will you deliver at the doorstep or is there a collection point?

We value your time and offer you convenience accessing our fresh, naturally grown food. Hence we door deliver and bring things to your home. If you are not at home during delivery & have informed earlier, We can leave the ordered items with security or neighbours in case you feel that’s a trusted option. Our myHarvest teammate personally will deliver the items and will call you before they reach you. Currently we do not have common drop off points or collection centres.

When can I expect to receive the ordered items?

We deliver regularly & optimise our routes to cater different localities on specific days. All orders are delivered within 3 business days. We take pre-orders 2 days in advance. You will receive an email with a list of ordered items and expected delivery day. Our Customer Success team will keep you informed on the day of delivery and coordinate.. We usually deliver in the evening between 3pm to 6pm. This is because our farmers harvest and send in their produce only that morning and we deliver on the same day. Within 24 hours. We don't stock any farm produce. It's truly Fresh !!!!

Can I make changes to my list after ordering or change my delivery address?

Everytime you order, you also will receive an email acknowledgement listing all ordered items along with a pdf copy. Kindly check your order details before delivery day. We do accept new order requests or modifications till morning 9am of delivery day. Kindly inform us via whatsapp to 9176944544 or 9344113923 or email to community@myharvestfarms.com. We appreciate if there is clear communication before the day of delivery. Our team understands your situation and hence we can deliver to a new address if communicated to our team before delivery day.Our Customer Success Team will be there to support you anytime. So keep us updated.

Will I get all that I have ordered without fail ?

We work our best to deliver all ordered items. Sometimes external factors including weather, logistic issues may affect the availability of some items. We wont send you damaged items or things not available with our Farmers. We are transparent & therefore sincerely apologize and will inform you what’s missing in your order.

Can I stop ordering for a particular short period of time & start again?

Yes, you can. We will be more happy if you regularly use our products. But there are times when you may travel or may not need our farm produce temporarily. Just inform our Customer Success team if you can. We will be glad to provide you with our chemical-free products anytime again. We will miss you, so please come back sooner.

Can I return products that are delivered if I don't need them?

We deliver only what you order and kindly refrain from returning products. However if we have mistakenly sent you something or you ordered by mistake, we are perfectly OK to take back those products. A lot of effort has gone into harvesting, packing and delivering to you. We hope to provide you with a smooth service & avoid confusions. Feel free to reach us anytime if you have concerns.

Can you deliver anywhere in India ?

Currently we deliver fresh naturally grown vegetables, fruits and groceries only in Chennai. We however can send across our Cold pressed oils, Rice, Millets, Ghee, Honey, Groceries, Sweets & Snacks to anywhere in India through courier or postal .Delivery charges will be added based on ordered items. Pls note that we cannot deliver perishable Veg and fruits anywhere outside Chennai.

Can I pay cash or offer Tips to the delivery person?

We prefer online payments via UPI or NEFT or Cards. In case you prefer cash payments, kindly hand over to our delivery person and update our team. We sincerely appreciate your kindness. Our deliveries are done by myHarvest team members. A pleasant smile, words of encouragement and casual conversations will delight us all. Kindly refrain from giving any monetary tips or gifts without informing the Customer Success team. Some Families do pay extra & add tips while making payment online. We set this aside for farmer welfare or pass it to our teammate who delivered it.

How to make Payment ?

You can make payment through Gpay, Paytm, Credit / Debit card, NEFT, IMPS or any Online mode (Number) . Our team will be sharing an invoice to your whatsapp number or email. Pls make payments on time !! Following up isn't a nice thing to do.

What if I don't like the products you delivered?

We are very keen on the quality & feedback from families. Criticisms are welcomed here. We do the quality check thrice- at farm, at office and delivery. However when any product is damaged or is not edible, we consider refunds or replacements. We don’t compromise on the quality & are committed to offering the best farm-to-home experience.

What if some ordered items are missing in the delivered package?

We take utmost care while packaging the products in your order. If some items are missing in your delivery bag, please let us know their details. We will try to deliver the missing items as early as possible or we will refund the amount for the missing items. We hope to avoid such mistakes & constantly work to provide a better farm-to-home experience.