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Seeraga Samba – Raw


வாசனை சீரக சம்பா அரிசி

Our Seeraga samba rice is an aromatic rice variety that is known for its unique taste and delicate texture. Grown in the fertile lands of Tamil Nadu, India, our rice is popular for its fine grains and distinctive fragrance.

Ideal for making biryani, pulao, and other traditional Indian dishes, Seeraga samba rice is a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike. It cooks to perfection, with each grain remaining separate and fluffy, making it the perfect choice for special occasions or everyday meals. Our rice is naturally gluten-free and rich in nutrients, making it a healthy choice for your diet.

Add this flavorful and aromatic rice to your pantry today and elevate your cooking to the next level.

Our rice varieties can be stored in dry, airtight containers, away from moisture. It can be stored for up to 6 months.



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